Ruby Ruby Ruby Rubyyyyyy!!!!

(how many times has that line been used…)

The starting point of my coding journey starts at Ruby.

Why Ruby?  To be honest I don’t fully know!  I’ve read a ton of articles and watched a lot of YouTube videos on where to start and what to do.  Almost all of these pointed to the following process, not matter whether you’re going to focus on front-end or back-end:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • …then a language, such as Ruby….

(it took me some googling to realise what front/back-end development actually meant
*insert shamed emoji*)

When looking into job opportunities in the Tech industry I looked up a large firm in my local area who had a wide variety of job opportunities available.  One of which was for a Ruby on Rails developer.  And that’s how it started really.  But not knowing whether this is the right move for me and whether I’m good enough for a career in the programming industry I thought why not give Ruby on Rails a go on  This would show me the type of language used and give me a taste of what I needed to do to start learning.

Logging into CodeAcademy it suggested finishing the Ruby course first before moving onto Rails.  So rather than ignore an expert, I decided to take its advice!

I appreciate, however, that I’ve completely skipped the first three steps in the guide above.  And that’s on my mind.  But as I said, this was only a taster for starters.  In my mind, once I’ve completed the CodeAcademy Ruby course, it’s either onto Rails, or onto the HTML/CSS equivalents….and then back to Rails at a later date!

Right now I’m about 60% of the way through the CodeAcademy introductory course.  I’ve done some basic things with if/else statements, some work on hashes and arrays….and some other stuff (?!).

CodeAcademy is a great tool for me to start.  However I want to supplement this learning with some other exercises – cue!

CodeWars is a great place for me to try some challenges myself.  It really makes me think about what I need to do and how to look at problem solving.  As noted, I’m an extreme novice, so any challenge at the moment is pretty hard!  But I’m enjoying it.

CodeWars pushed me into making this blog.  It started by having an issue calling values from a hash – which is fine, I’m gonna have issues.  So I tried, struggled, tried some more, struggled some more.  Once I got the answer from either googling it to death or then moving onto the best practice solutions I managed to see a really eloquent way of coding up the solution.  This was cool. I learnt something new.  I put it in my memory.  I moved on.

Another really similar question pops up a little while later, and blank – absolutely zero memory of how we solved the other problem.  This is my issue – I need to write things down to learn.  I think I’ve got it – I understand the answer…but recalling it at a later date – you’re gonna have a bad time.


So I made this blog.  When I come up against future codewars challenges, I’ll document them here.  The mere writing down solutions and how I got through them will aid in itself.  But then it also acts as a reference point for me to look up for the next challenge I come up against.  Hopefully enough of the same issues popping up with embed the answers in my long-term memory and I won’t need to keep referring back to these posts.  But until that day…

There’s so much I’m learning every day.  I have zero experience.  I have no idea what’s going on.  So anything I learn is new.  I’m going to need a resource like this to keep on top of what I’m learning.

So here goes.  I hope you find this journey interesting and if you’ve got any advice or comments along the way I’d love to hear them.

To the codemobile…



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