Embarrassing Maths & Ruby update

Ok, I’m pretty embarrassed with this one.

Having a degree in Mathematics and working in a heavily mathematical field for the past decade I like to think I’m reasonably skilled will all things numbers/symbols.  But then I was stumped by this Codewars.com challenge:


Baffled…I’m embarrassed to admit I had to google the mathematical answer *blushing emoji*

But once I got the formulae I was fine.  Did a nice bit of code and it was done in a line.  But still…


Maybe it’s time to put away differential equations and linear regression and pick up a GCSE textbook.

Still, on the plus side, I’ve completed the codeacademy.com Ruby course!

The course finished using procs, blocks and lambdas which was interesting to learn however I feel that I won’t fully understand it all until I use them with regularity.  Also I learnt about modules and classes which was good to know how I should format my code.  I’ve decided to stick on the Ruby lines, following up with either the Ruby on Rails course on codeacademy.com or looking at another website for Ruby courses such as teamtreehouse.com or possibly freecodecamp.com.  I’ll also be ploughing into the Codewars.com katas to get my brain working and hopefully avoid some more moments of brain freeze.

Maybe they should rescind my degree…???



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