HTML (& soon CSS)

Today I started learning HTML & CSS through Code Academy’s preview course.

This is going well.  It’s starting off really basic which is great for me as I’m a complete beginner.  The basis of the language seems very intuitive and easy to pick up *happy face*

In the course I learnt about “boilerplate code”.  This is the basis of the HTML coding structure – the minimum requirements in setting up HTML code.  This consists of:

  • Declaring the code as html
  • Then actually putting a <html> in the code so that the interpreter knows html code is coming.  The first step isn’t enough!
  • Having a <head> section which doesn’t affect the body of the page that you see , however…
  • …it can have a <title> which is the title shown in the tab heading in the web page
  • <body> is then your actually text shown on page.

Afterwards I progressed onto basic setup of content using headers (<h1>), paragraphs, anchors and using self-closing image notation.

I’ve absolutely missed out with this.  As a teenager I knew a few people who could make websites and they were like wizards! The basics are basic, and if even knowing that I could have been a wizard (Harry).

I’ve only just started the section on CSS but it was so powerful to see how it completely changes the dynamics of a webpage.  I’m sure this is very mundane to other novices out there but the example provided in the course did shock me.  It shows the impact CSS has on HTML content.


Such an amateur….


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