Not quite…

I’ve completed the preview HTML & CCS course on Code Academy and overall I’m very happy with what I’ve learnt.  Editing classes of code so they all have a standard style, manipulating the box model,  through to setting background images and inserting tables – this was a good course to pick up the basics of HTML/CSS.

The course is very user-friendly and much easier to pick up than the Ruby course.  If I’d had my time over I would have started with this before moving onto Ruby later, just to get a taste of programming first.  But in the end it’s all good.  It was a good confidence boost to fully understand everything I was doing and seeing the big impact some simple changes can make to the format of a webpage.  I still feel like I understood the majority of the Ruby course, but I would definitely need to keep referring back if I were to ever move onto a Ruby project.  But that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be given I’m a complete novice.  So I’m on the right track at least…

Lots of notation in HTML/CSS are pretty intuitive, e.g. font-size sets….the…font….size.


There are some trickier things to consider, like the sizing of boxes in the box model, and how sizing can be set with regards to pixels, ems, or by relative percentage.  I’ve almost resigned to not learning hex colours – how can you even interpret those codes?!!!

When moving through the course you start to think how you would start such a project from scratch, and it really drives home the importance of planning.  Sketching out how you want your website to look and interact – I can see this saving a lot of time in the long run.  Failing to prepare and all that jazz…

I’ve caught the bug now.  It’s daunting at the start when you see over half a dozen languages being streamed off when you google “What do you need to become a web developer” but in reality I think there’s a lot of cross-over and it’s more about syntax differences.  To me it looks like you want to learn to program in general terms, and then the individual languages are just tools to help you get to that end point (but i could be very wrong!).

So HTML was the content.  CSS is the style of the content.  But it’s all very static at the moment.  The natural transition leads me to JavaScript.  So starting tomorrow I’ll be cracking on with the preview JavaScript module to get a taste of the most used language on the web (or so YouTube keeps telling me!).

I’ve also signed up to General Academy’s Dash project.  It’s a free course and provides instruction on making 5 different projects:

  • Building a personal website
  • Build a responsive blog theme
  • Build a small business website
  • Build a CSS robot
  • Build a madlibs game

I think once I’ve gone through JavaScript then this project will help to cement the knowledge I’ve gained over the past couple of weeks.  I’m hoping the course will teach how it’s all done from scratch and guide me through the process without too much spoon-feeding.  Code Academy was great to give you snippets of info and helpe you though those tasks, but now I’d like to really improve my knowledge with less hand-holding.




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