This is just a tribute…

…page.  It’s a Tribute page from, check it out! (it’s really basic…)

I’ve been away a while.  Last week I was on holiday and the week preceding a holiday is always manic in work, so coding was at a minimum over this period.  However I did find some time during my holidays to flit in and out of coding.  In particular, as you may have noticed, I’ve joined and started their Front-End Development course.

Right now, I’m very new to all this coding-malarky and I appreciate I have so much to learn before I can truly know what I like and what I don’t like.  My gut-feel is that I prefer back-end technologies more than front.  This is because I think my true talent lies in my technical ability rather than being more design orientated.  However that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate what goes to making a good front-end piece of code.  Although my initial stance is towards technologies such as Ruby on Rails, possibly Java, I think that I need a good grounding in front-end work first so I can then incorporate my later knowledge on this good base position.  During my initial work on CodeAcademy I found the HTML/CSS/Javascript courses much easier to follow.  Given that this is so new I don’t want to lose that motivation, so I’ve stuck on with front-end for now and am going to ride this wave!

surfs up

Why freecodecamp?  To be honest it looks pretty amazing.  I’ve read so many articles and seen so many youtube videos about the benefits of the freecodecamp curriculum so I thought I’d give it a go given I’d completed the other preview courses on other sites.  I felt very comfortable from the start given this was going over other material, but then the course veered away from CodeAcademy by introducing your own solo projects.  To me this is absolutely fantastic.  An opportunity for you to go on your own and make something from scratch, trying to incorporate all that you’ve learnt over the past few modules without guidance.  For this reason I would implore others to go for freecodecamp asap if you’re considering where to start.  Although I really feel I’ve benefited from all the previews I’ve taken which have led me here, if you know you want to learn html/css/javascript from the off then I’d recommend this.

The community at freecodecamp is incredible.  As soon as I published the link to my Tribute page (the first solo project in the front-end curriculum) I was able to get constructive feedback on what/why things were going wrong.  They really market this element too and actively encourage you to go to the chat section or the forums to look for advice/feedback on your projects.

At the moment I do feel a bit lost at times, mainly on what constitutes javascript/jquery, bootsrap/css. I mean…I wrote something I thought was css, then I got corrected on my code and said it was bootstrap…..I’m sure I’ll get there with experience.

Anyway, my Tribute page is very brief and definitely has some redundant parts in the code. that I’d like to go over.  In the draft of my page I wanted 3 photos aligned in a row.  I tried to use a class= ‘col-md-4’ definition following a class=’row’ div however this didn’t work.  Ultimately I was completely unable to adjust the size of my images.  I think this was because I was pulling the pictures form an external website, rather than the actual JPEG itself, so rather than download the images another website and link from there, I took the easier route and used one image!  As I noted, this was a brief go as I was a bit strapped for time, but I will definitely follow-up trying to figure out if I was right about my image resize issue.  The easier option is the route I would normally take, although at times I think I go further on the other side and struggle for too long on a topic before seeking help.  All pitfalls I’ve been reading about in beginner coders.  Another problem was with rounding of the images, however I have since learnt that this was because I used Bootstrap v3 terminology rather than v4.  Already falling behind on the times…!

My next project is to build a portfolio site.  This is another reason why I think freecodecamp is looking a really good investment of my time as it makes you create things of worth.  Although the code will be done through I think it’s easy to copy across to properly employ your website.  I may be wrong!

After the portfolio site it’s back to the classroom with Javascript, Object-oriented and functional programming and then basic algorithms, which I’m really looking forward getting my teeth stuck into.