It’s been a while


My last blog post was done over a month ago and for the majority of that period I haven’t able to code all that much.  I have some very intense exams in April each year and so all of my free time is taken revising.  However over the last week I’ve managed to get back to where I want to be.  The free time gained from exams has gone straight into coding and, this weekend in particular, I’ve seen massive gains in knowledge/exposure.


This is the main source of learning for me now on.  My last post covered my basic Tribute page which was the first project in the freeCodeCamp basic front-end project portion.  The second task – my portfolio page – was put on hold as I felt that I didn’t know some of the key aspects required to actually complete it.  In hindsight I was wrong.  In the end I’ve come back to it and you can check it out here:

This is very simple at the moment, but covered the basics.  I had a few issues, mostly around positioning elements in the centre of the page, particularly on the click of the Nav bar as the section would always revert to the top.  However I’ve gathered some feedback on the 1st iteration which brought out some bigger problems, in particular how to scroll through the page rather than jump on the click of a link. This is still an issue at the moment however I will definitely be coming back to this project in the future as I look to implement much of the code for my full portfolio page.

In addition I completed the javascript and basic algorithm sections.  I enjoyed this as it was a good problem solving portion and it taught me much about how to address problems, formulate solutions and then document them in the code.  There were a couple of tricky challenges early on, but then I really got a head of steam and got through them at a quick pace.  So I was feeling pretty good about myself….

…until I met the JSON API intermediate front-end projects.  Man I can’t get this sorted.  I’m at the random quote generator and can’t get my data from the random quote API.  This has been my issue today and I just can’t seem to figure it out.  In the end I’ve abandoned it (and the other API projects) to go onto intermediate algorithms.  I know I should stick out with what I’m struggling with however I’ve been on that one API issue pretty much all day, I feel like I need to get away from it for a little bit and keep progressing.  Tomorrow I’ll take another look and see what I can do.  I bet it’s a semi-colon…


Tech Events

It’s been a really intriguing week for me following my exam as there have been a lot of tech events in the city and I’ve managed to experience some of what’s out there.  I managed to get myself to see a coding event where contestants were shown jpeg of a famous website which they had to recreate in 15 mins.  This was intense!  They were all really impressive and showed a great talent for what they do.

I was also able to get myself along to a coding for beginners class where they brought you through the basics of Ruby.  We created a couple of very simple games, including a form of hangman.  It was really good to see and I was happy that I followed everything along and nothing went over my head.  This gave me encouragement to carry on with my studies and get as much done as possible.  And I look to continue this over the coming months.

The week also had some drop-in sessions where you could attend talks by local companies and take a tour of their offices.  For me not working in the industry this was very interesting.  It’s such a culture shock compared to my own industry which is much more strict/rigid/boring! It’s also really good to see how the professionals address problems they’re having and the experience gave me some good tips on how to progress (mostly about comments in the code!).

As previously mentioned, next on my list are the API projects. I really need to produce a good quality piece of work rather than just completing algorithms!  I’m on around day 9 of my 100 days of code challenge and in that time I’d like to complete the front-end portion of freeCodeCamp (I’m currently around 1/3 of the way in).  If I complete more then even better. If I can get through the first couple of APIs this week/weekend with a few more algorithms, then finish the rest off the week after I think I’ll be happy.


*PS If you’ve taken a  look at my codepen or have any advice on anything coding related I’d love to hear it!  Man I need some help…!



2 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. Great to see you’re back and doing more coding even while juggling exams! Really inspiring, hope to get back into my own learning (I started learning Python recently!) once the semester ends next week. 🙂

    I like your CodePen page, it’s really cool! I’d love to make something like that in the future. 😀

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