Simon says…go!!!!

Just a quick update from my post yesterday – I did finish it! Very chuffed with myself. Testing against the master array was a lot simpler than I expected, so too was passing over control. I managed a couple of breakthroughs late last night and this morning which meant I just needed to tidy up a few points such as a winners message after level 20 and putting in some audio.

I didn’t like the sound of the beeps freecodecamp supplied so I tried to find my own effects.  I found one resource with a few sound effects from star wars, so I thought this was too good an opportunity to turn down, particularly with a Chewbacca sound effect! However, when Chewy kicks off 3 times in a row, you need a mute button, so I had to put that in!

Anyways, short and sweet – here’s my codepen (I’d recommend you look in full-page view btw!).  3 more algorithm challenges and I complete the front-end certificate!


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