Freecodecamp – Front-end to Back-end certs

This has been quite the week! Last week I was on the cusp of finishing my front-end certification with freecodecamp and I was so chuffed to get that finalised with the completion of my Simon game and 3 remaining algorithm challenges. I put my obligatory front-end certificate pic up on twitter and went to bed.

I woke up to look at my phone and i had tonnes of notifications from complete strangers congratulating me on my achievement, many asking for insight into my experience in the view to helping them with theirs. It was really such a humbling shock to have so many people reach out to offer their congratulations and I’ve been so pleased all week.  I really didn’t appreciate the support from the coding community and how there are so many people in a similar position to me wanting to ask me questions, I was really overwhelmed!

This whole experience really gave me the motivation to push on with the other portions of the freecodecamp curriculum. Data visualisation had a couple of “coming soon” sections to its material so I decided to crack on with the back-end certification instead…

two states


We started with an introduction to Git and GitHub, which I was quite looking forward to as I appreciate the importance they play in the industry. This was fine – although I didn’t fully understand some parts it, provided good reference to go back to for other projects.  Since then I’ve been on the node.js introduction starting with node package manager. To be honest there were parts here that I was just copying and pasting instructions, completely feeling like the dog in the picture above. Over time this feeling started to subside as I subconsciously figured out some of the meanings. But I completed the npm course not fully appreciating what it meant or what it was for…

Today I started with the main node.js intro and this is more in my skill set.  It brings in some of the javascript elements from the front-end but trying to bring them into the node environment.

But the whole switch has been a bit of a shock. It feels like the stabilisers are off as I come away from the freecodecamp and codepen environments and move to cloud 9’s terminal. But you’ve got to be a big boy one day! I did try atom the other week and that did not turn out so well, so an intermediate step with cloud 9 is absolutely required! This was me with atom…


Otherwise there hasn’t been a lot to it this week, just trying to get my head around this terminal malarkey and starting from scratch again.

I listened to an early CodeNewbie podcast this week and I’ve decided to incorporate another kind of page to my blog posts. Rebecca Miller Webster in episode 64 of the CodeNewbies podcast talks about writing a blog post about an issue you incurred during your journey. My initial aim for this was to do something similar but it never materialised and became more of a journal. Whilst I think this is fine I felt that I missed a trick with not writing about some of the concepts I struggled with in the front-end cert and so I’ll be looking to do that more with the back-end work, particularly through the projects I’m doing.

I would write a post about setting a time delay on a javascript for loop but considering a typo ended up to make my code work I don’t think I’m in the best place to write that post!

Anyways, just short one this week. I’m sure I’ll have more to write when I actually figure out what I’m doing with node!  Soon.jpeg…..


2 thoughts on “Freecodecamp – Front-end to Back-end certs

  1. Randomly stumbled upon your blog and as you’ve stated I’m going to try and post my struggles w/ earlier fcc projects to solidify my learning. Maybe it’ll help-maybe it won’t.
    Anyways, congrats with your Front End Cert!

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