I’ve always been interested in the world of coding but never did anything about it.  Other than dabbling with a couple of pieces of VBA, of which would have programmers across the world shivering in disgust at the basic errors and lack of convention, I’ve not had any experience of coding.

Well that’s about to change!  I’ve decided to embark on learning all things code, starting from absolute beginner and documenting my learnings along the way.

While my career doesn’t currently offer any opportunities to incorporate computer programming in my day-to-day activities, there are roles in my industry that incorporate a wide variety of programming languages.  However this isn’t only about career progression, but mostly it’s focussed on increasing my skill set and being exposed to an extremely exciting industry with a vast range of opportunities to explore.  Who knows, this may be the stepping stone to something completely new…

This aim of this blog is not only to show my progression and show how far I’ll go, but also to aid my learning.  Far too often I find myself googling the same thing over and over again – well now it will all be on this site!

Apologies for my the site & username – I’m very childish.